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Admission (from 18 Jan 2010)
Via orange Sentosa Bus from HarbourFront Interchange will alight at Visitor Arrival & Departure Centre located at the Beach Station. - The bus service from HarbourFront will cease operations from 12 April 2011.

The Sentosa Express links HarbourFront, Vivocity to Sentosa in less than four minutes. Ticketing: S$3 per person (Adult and Child aged 3 and above).

Use the Sentosa Boardwalk that connects VivoCity via the Sentosa Causeway to Sentosa. Opens 24 hrs daily and Island admission is $1/person.

Car - Weekday 7am-11.59am $6 per car; 12nn-2pm $2 per car; 2.01pm-7pm $6 per car; 7.01pm-6.59am $2 per car. Weekend & Public Holiday 7am-7pm $7 per car; 7.01pm-6.59am $3 per car. Prices cover all passengers in car.

Car Parking - Weekday 7am-11.59am $3 for 1st 4 hrs, $1/hr thereafter; 12nn-2pm $2 Free; 2.01pm-7pm $3 for first 4 hrs, $1/hr thereafter; 7.01pm-6.59am $1 per entry. Weekend & Public Holiday 7am-7pm $5 for first 4 hours, $2/hr thereafter; 7.01pm-6.59am $2 per entry. Applies to Beach Car Park, Palawan Car Park, Tanjong Car Park and Imbiah Lookout Car Park.

On top of the Taxi fare, all passenger(s) in taxi will need to pay Island admission as follows: - Weekday 7am-11.59am $5 per taxi; 12nn-2pm $2 per taxi; 2.01pm-7pm $5 per taxi; 7.01pm-6.59am $2 per taxi. Weekend & Public Holiday 7am-7pm $6 per taxi; 7.01pm-6.59am $3 per taxi. Prices cover all passengers in taxi. Empty taxis will continue to gain free access into Sentosa.

By Jewel Cable Car Ride.


Sentosa Express: VivoCity first train 8am and last train 10pm. Beach Station first train 8.15am and last train 10pm.

Jewel Cable Car Ride: 8.30am to 10pm daily.

Take the North-East Line and alight at the HarbourFront MRT Station. From there, you may either go to the 3rd level of VivoCity shopping mall, transfer onto Sentosa Express or take a walk about Sentosa Boardwalk.

Public Bus to HarbourFront: 10, 30, 65, 80, 93, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166, 188, 855.

Sentosa Leisure Group
33 Allanbrooke Road, Sentosa,
Singapore 099981.
Tel: 1800-SENTOSA (736-8672)
Mon to Sun, from 9am to 6.30pm
Fax: 6472 3033

Animal & Bird Encounters

Sentosa 4D Magix

Sentosa CineBlast

Sijori WonderGolf

The Merlion

Songs of the Sea

Underwater World

A whole host of world-class attractions and entertainment awaits you at Sentosa. Spas, golf, retreats, hotels, as well as history and nature, are nestled on the 500+ hectare island covered in lush greenery and fronted by a 3.2 kilometre stretch of pristine white sand beach. Attractions on Sentosa: -

Animal & Bird Encounters
Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
Jewel Cable Car Ride
Tiger Sky Tower | DESPERADOS
Fort Siloso
Gogreen - Segway Eco Adventure
Images of Singapore
Sentosa 4D Magix | Sentosa Boardwalk
Sentosa CineBlast
Skyline Luge Sentosa
Songs of the Sea | The Flying Trapeze
The Merlion & Merlion Walk | Underwater World

Sentosa (which means ‘peace and tranquility’ in Malay) was opened in 1968. The island was originally known as Pulau Blakang Mati (which means ‘island behind which lies death’ in Malay), taking its name from an outbreak of malaria which wiped out the population of Bugis pirates who inhabited the island during the 18th century. It served as a British military fortress during the mid-20th century, before it was given back to the Singapore government in 1967. Owned and managed by Sentosa Development Corporation, today, Sentosa is Singapore’s largest offshore island and home to beautiful beaches, gardens and attractions.

The area selected for the construction of Fort Siloso was at the western point of Blakang Mati. Lt. H.E. McCallum, Royal Engineers and a workforce comprising of local people began preparing the site for Fort Siloso in 1874. British, in the days of Queen Victoria, came to Singapore to take advantage of its strategic location to enhance their trade with China. This location would give the new fort a commanding position at the western entrance to Keppel Harbour. The western approach to the harbour is said to had been 'discovered' in 1848 by Admiral Sir Henry Keppel sailing in HMS Meander. There is, however, extremely good evidence that this entrance was known of by the seamen of the east for a significant period of time before Admiral Keppel came on the scene.

Fort Siloso (1874-1918) is now a preserved fortification and served as the last bastion of the British forces during the Japanese invasion of Singapore to the Battle for Singapore in 1942. Just in case you are wondering what a fort or fortress is, just think of it as a large wall or building designed to defend a place or a country from attack.

On 8th December 1941, Fort Siloso was put to the test but unfortunately, our attackers from Japan were too powerful and Singapore lost the battle. The Japanese then, were all out to conquer the world. So they launched surprise attacks not just on Singapore but many other countries and one of them was Hawaii. Like the British soldiers, the American troops stationed at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii were caught off guard and the entire army base was destroyed.

During World War II, the guns of Fort Siloso engaged Japanese forces in the Battle for Singapore, even firing landwards in support of the British troops. They kept the Japanese busy but ultimately surrendered. Before surrender, they destroyed almost everything. Japanese used this Fort to accommodate Prisoners of War.

After 23 years of service, the Sentosa Monorail System cease operations from 16 March 2005.

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Create your own Tour at Sentosa. Just pick up an Island Map at any Sentosa ticketing counter and plan your own tour.


Animal & Bird Encounters
Their menagerie of small adorable animals and colourful birds will thrill the kids and grown-ups alike with their delightful tricks and antics.
Admission: Free
--- Daily show times ---
Close encounters with Reptils: 12pm - 12.15pm
Primate Encounters: 12.30pm - 12.50pm
Lorry Feeding at the Bird Aviary: 2pm - 2.15pm
Close Encounters at Pig Tailed Macaques: 3pm - 3.15pm
Bird Encounters: 3.30pm - 4pm
Multi-animal Encounters: 5pm daily
Close Encounters with Parrots: 4.30pm - 4.45pm
Multi Animal Encounters at Amphitheatre: 5pm- 5.30pm Venue: Palawan Amphitheatre
Getting there: Palawan-Tanjong Beach Tram.

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Have 1,500 live butterflies fluttering around you in the lush surrounds of the Butterfly Park. Or explore the world of the creepy crawlies with up to 3,000 species of the world's most beautiful and rare insects at the Insect Kingdom.
Admission: Adult S$16 / Child S$10
Opening hours: 9.30am - 7.00pm daily (last entry 6.30pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Red line; Sentosa Express: Imbiah Station.

Jewel Cable Car Ride
Glide through the air above the harbour skies on a scenic adventure. The 1.6km ride to and from Sentosa offers expansive views of lush greenery and stunning coastal sights.

The 35-year-old cable car system has undergone replacement from 14 September 2009 to second quarter 2010, $36 million dollar revamp. The cable car ride will be rebranded as Jewel Rides. 68 sparkling cable cars, including one adorned with Austrian Swarovski crystals - a first in the world. Time: 8.30am to 10pm daily.

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Tiger Sky Tower
Singapore's tallest observation tower at 131m above sea level offers spectacular views whether by day or by night. Hop on for a truly "moving experience"!
Admission: Adult S$12 / Child S$8
Opening hours: 9am - 9pm daily (last ride 8.45pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Red line; Sentosa Express: Imbiah Station.

Fort Siloso
A treat for any history buff, Singapore's only preserved coastal fort lets you relive history with life-sized replicas, interactive exhibits and even authentic aromas! Choose from any of our three self-guided tours to suit your interest.

Purchase your Fort Siloso at Imbiah Lookout Ticketing Counters and enjoy a ride onboard the Fort Siloso Tram from Imbiah Lookout! Tram Rides on every Fri to Sun at 11am, 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm.
Admission: Adult S$8 / Child S$5
Opening hours: 10am - 6pm daily (last entry 5.30pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Red line; Siloso Beach Tram.

Images of Singapore
This award-winning attraction brings Singapore's past to vivid life using multimedia displays, multi-screen theatre presentations and life-sized tableaus depicting local history. Learn about the life and times of the four main races that make up our island nation through historical exhibits and interactive displays.
Admission: Adult S$10 / Child S$7 (3 - 12 years old)
There are also (i) Admission with Feng Shui Trail Activity Book, and (ii) Food Journey - find out more on Sentosa website.
Opening hours: 9am - 7pm daily (last entry 6.30pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Red line; Sentosa Express: Imbiah Station.

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Sentosa 4D Magix
Bringing a unique new movie experience to Singapore. State-of-the-art technology puts you into the heart of the action, and will have you shaking in your seat.
Admission: Adult S$18 / Child S$11
(12 years and below & a minimum height of 90cm)
Opening hours: 10am - 9pm daily (last show 8.45pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Red line; Sentosa Express: Imbiah Station.

Sentosa Boardwalk
Enjoy the lush greenery and witness a paranormic view of the bay as you travel on foot in the comfort of canopy-covered travellators before arriving at Sentosa Visitor Centre.
Time: 24hrs daily (Sentosa Boardwalk);
9am - 8pm daily (Sentosa Visitor Centre)
Admission: Adult S$1 per person into Sentosa

Sentosa CineBlast
Prepare for the ride of your life! Feel the rush as Singapore's only cinema ride takes you into amazing parallel worlds of fun and mind-blowing experiences.
Admission: Adult S$18 / Child S$11
(12 years and below & a minimum height of 90cm)
Opening hours: 10am - 9pm daily (last show 8.45pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Red line; Sentosa Express: Imbiah Station.

Skyline Luge Sentosa
Zoom downhill on Southeast Asia's first ever luge! Part go-cart, part toboggan, the Sentosa luge is a fun-filled ride that's safe for all ages.
Admission: 1 Luge & 1 Skyride at S$11.00 per person,
2 Luges & 2 Skyrides at S$16.00 per person;
Family Deals: 4 Luges & 4 Skyrides at S$28.00,
8 Luges & 8 Skyrides at S$49.00;
Skyride only: 1-way at S$7.00 per person,
2-way at S$11.00 per person.
Opening hours: 10am - 9.30pm daily
Getting there: Bus: Blue, Yellow & Red line; Sentosa Express: Imbiah Station & Beach Station; Siloso Beach Tram.

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Songs of the Sea
Get ready to fall under the spell of a new nightly extravaganza set in the sea! Songs of the Sea brings you a mesmerising show featuring pyrotechnics, water jets, brilliant lasers, captivating music and other dramatic effects.
Admission: S$10 per person
Opening hours: 7.40pm and 8.40pm daily
Additional 9.30pm show on every Sat.
Tickets available at Beach Information Counter from 9am daily, first-come-first-served basis.
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Yellow line; Sentosa Express: Beach Station; Palawan-Tanjong Beach Tram & Siloso Beach Tram.

The Merlion & Merlion Walk
See a legend come alive with the new Merlion experience. Standing at 37 metres high, this half-lion, half-fish creature brings you to the depth of the sea as you "dive" right into a mythical undersea world.
Admission: Adult S$8 / Child S$5 (Merlion Walk Free)
Opening hours: 10am - 8pm daily (last entry 7.30pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue, Yellow & Red line; Sentosa Express: Imbiah Station.

Underwater World
Enter the world of sharks, stingrays, eels and other sea creatures via a moving travellator that ferries you through an 83-metre-long acrylic tunnel right into the depths of the ocean. Don't forget to catch their Meet-The-Dolphins shows.
Opening hours: 9am - 9pm daily (last entry 8.30pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Red line; Siloso Beach Tram.

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Gogreen - Segway® Eco Adventure
Enjoy nature in comfort and ride guilt free, through lush greenery on our Gogreen mobile Segways. Choose from an Introductory Fun Ride and a Guided Eco Adventure around Sentosa.
Admission: Fun Ride S$12 / Guided Eco Adventure S$38 (minimum height of 90cm)
Opening hours: 10am - 9.30pm daily
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Yellow Line; Sentosa Expres: Beach Station; Palawan-Tanjong Beach Tram & Siloso Beach Tram.

The Flying Trapeze
Learn how to fly! Our experienced trapeze instructors will soon have you soaring through the air.
Admission: S$10 per swing and S$20 for 3 swings
Opening hours: 2.30pm to 6.30pm (Mon-Fri),
2.30pm to 7pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)
Getting there: Siloso Beach Tram.

Step right into this 20-seater cinema for a virtual shoot-out blast! Ride on motion-based saddles and gallop through this animated movie while shooting bandits using your hand-held laser guns.
Admission: S$12 / person (minimum height of 110cm)
Opening hours: 10am - 9pm daily (last show 8.45pm)
Getting there: Bus: Blue & Red line; Sentosa Express: Imbiah Station.

Cable Car

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Carlsberg Sky Tower

Dolphin Lagoon

Fort Siloso Tours

Sentosa Luge


The Flying Trapeze

Merlion Walk


January 2010.

The above is an anaglyph image (3-D photo). You will need to use a cyan and red 3-D glasses to view.