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Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple


Vutthisasara, a monk from Thailand, founded the temple in 1927. This site was selected as it was in an area predominantly settled by both Indians and Chinese. The original temple that was built here was a wooden structure with a simple courtyard. Its design reflected a mixture of Chinese and Indian influences, reminiscent of a Thai Wat. During the Japanese Occupation, many people sought refuge here as religious institutions were seldom attacked. While forced to perform menial labour in the area, many British prisoners-of-war also took the opportunity to pass secret notes and letters back to England through the temple. One of the most magnificent structures within is a giant Buddha statue standing at a height of 15 metres and weighing 300 tons.

Question: The temple is popularly known as "The Temple of ? Lights".

(Source: NHB)

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